Quintus ;e uma API fácil de usar para criar jogos 2D em HTML 5

Código base da Quntus

<!doctype html>
    <title>Quintus basic</title>
    <!-- Pull the engine from the Quintus CDN or load it locally -->
    <!-- (use quintus-all.min.js for production) -->
    <script src='http://cdn.html5quintus.com/v0.2.0/quintus-all.js'></script>
      // Now set up your game (most games will load a separate .js file)
      var Q = Quintus()                          // Create a new engine instance
              .include("Sprites, Scenes, Input, 2D, Touch, UI") // Load any needed modules
              .setup()                           // Add a canvas element onto the page
              .controls()                        // Add in default controls (keyboard, buttons)
              .touch();                          // Add in touch support (for the UI)
        ... Actual game code goes here ... 


http://www.html5quintus.com: Site oficial da engine

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